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Update on us

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Hello everyone!
Thank you all again for the kindness you showed us :)
Things have gotten really good, my boyfriend continues to make improvements and mentally healthy decisions in and with his life. We're going on 2 months now since he's moved in and things are progressing well. We have his child also for the summer and that's going really good too. He's working 5 days a week and we just got back a couple of days ago from our first vacation together with all of our kids.
On Father's Day we had a really long talk and he told me that he loves me, and how he never thought he would ever be happy again. I know there are still a lot of issues for him to deal with, and for me as well. But I think we can get through anything, and the roughest of everything is behind us. Well hopefully things continue to progress and we continue to improve and grow.
I will update again, soon.
Thanks again :)

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