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Just to bring everyone up to date. Yes, I did have an accident yesterday, but I am not hurt. Its going to cost approx. $2,500 to fix, and the good part is they will give me a free loaner car. I take mine in on Monday. The MRI didn't show anything terrible, however as we suspected my blood did show a huge amount of carbon dioxide. I will be going for a carotid sonogram next week to rule out any blockages. I also have a sinus polyp that needs fixed, will be contacting my ENT for that. The gastro doc cancelled on me and rescheduled me for 3 weeks out. I am going to see about getting a gastro doc in Sherman, as if any procedures are to be done thats where I have to drive and Denton is a bear to drive in. I appreciate your care and concern.


at least that's what I keep telling myself!
Good to hear you're not hurt, cars are much easier to replace than you, even if they do cost a bit!
All the best for the rest of you results

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