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  1. jstroup

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    i'm tired of feeling the way i do. for about a year now i've been trying to deal with a depression that seemed to have come out of the blue.

    i've been to the doctor and im on antidepressants. they work a little i think. it's hard to tell on days like these. feeling like theres no way out of my own head. i've thought about ending it a few times. i cant bring myself to do it.

    if i could sleep for the rest of my life i would. everything's just too much. it never used to be like that. i used to be so happy. it wasnt even that long ago. i miss those days when i would hang out with my friends. carefree. i want that back. what happened to me?
  2. total eclipse

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    Depression is like that it sneaks up on one. Can you talk to your doctor maybe your meds need to be changed a bit now if you have been on them awhile Also hun if you can try too do some of the things that use to make you happy okay
    It is in doing them that happiness may once again come back to you slowly hugs
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    i thought about how happy i used to be the other day too. you have to find what makes you happy. i struggle to be around people. unfortunately no one stays the same as we age. i have the depressive side of bipolar disorder. so my depression is heavy. do have people you can talk to?
  4. jstroup

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    I don't feel comfortable to talk to anyone.