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    I am in a dilemma right now.

    So, I had a huge crush on this guy from my college. He turned out to be the faculty not a student. I added him on Skype and we would chat everyday n night.. he would text me all day infact! He was starting to show equal interest in me... and then he wanted to meet but I never did that. I kept telling him to wait as I was not ready for that.. I knw weird :p There are many rumours about me in college.. I tried to tell him about that too.. that was another reason why I had this fear of letting things move forward.. like I feared the thought of losing him once he hears rumours about me. However, when I explained this to him he considered it to be lame... but the interaction yet continued..

    Now, all of a sudden, he stopped all kinds of communication wid me. Lik he completely stopped.. I kept askin him that why did he stop everything .. he jus keeps sayin that he is busy.. but actually he is not which I found out later. My question is.. why is he avoidin me so badly... I jus dnt understand. wad cud b da reason?
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    Though there could be many reasons I think you already said why - I kept telling him to wait as I was not ready for that.. - he wanted real - you did not and he did not choose to emotionally blackmail you into something you said you were not ready for.... just a guess though.
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