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I joined a forum ages ago to talk bout football.
I got few guys coming onto me but I ignored them
But I got some messges last week from someone new.hw seemed nice so I gave him a chance.
I gave him my email and he sent me pictures.i gave him my phone number.he was in dubai but coming home.he asked to meet me when he came back.
He wanted me to drive three half or four hour.i told him I was seriously ill.but can you drive he said.
I made a joke out of that but to be fair it was pretty bf.
I got no more texts all weekend.last night I asked him why.this morning I got a two word reply.
Im upset.i havent met or talked to any guy in a long time.i gve him a chnce.he seemed different.funny.
Seems the jokes on me now.and I have bern protectingmyself for years .
I dont give out details.
I cant take anymore


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Could someone answer.
I cant block everyone out.i was lonely.
Am I stupid.everytime I trust people I get hurt.
Its really bad here today
My father knew whay wages I got before even though I told no one.
When I offred my mother money she wouldnt take it.
Now they are saying I never offered her money.
My sistr attacked me this morning again.according to them it never happenef
He said im sponging off them.but then they wont take money
What am I to do
I cant find anywhere to live
No one will reply.i only got one offer but irs too far and.its a dump
Im at my wits end.


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im sorry things are bad for you hon i know what its like to reach out because your lonely and things get complicated

im sure you will find somewhere to live when you move to college and get to know others

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ah i know it hurts to put oneself out there but it has to be done in order to find someone right The ones that are idiots well then you really have not lost anything keep trying okay meet lots of people because in that bunch there is bound to be some nice people too hugs


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I texted him and said he didnt deserve the chance I gave him
I think he answered me but im not reading it
What kind of person would do that just cos im sick


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i know its hard being lonely hon but please still be careful who you give your information too dont worry your not the only one to do it but please becareful of the dangers of the internet hugs xx


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Ill tell you why I gave him my number.
Its cos I recognised his pic he sent I knew id been talking to hom on a dating site.
Im ignoring him now.
My car is too.


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I'm sorry you've had all these problems ..I can't believe that guy is still coming on to you after telling you that..what a dufus!
I agree with hollowvoice to be very careful of anyone you 'meet' on the internet..
we never know who they really are..
can you and your parents sit down and discuss how the money thing is making you feel?
take care


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Its my brother and sister who are violent drunks.i told my sister to look at the holes she bangwd in my door.she wont admit it was her.
She screams from 7am sat morning and goes on all wkend.
My mother runs round after her lle shes a baby.
No one gives a damn bout me.
I hd to show my father details to prove what my wages were.
Thid was an old job three years ago
None his business.they watch everything I spend
I mean my wages I worked my ass off for

They have no prob withy sister and brother drinking boyt 500 euros between them a week
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