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Urge to run away...

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I'm not sure where to post how I'm feeling. I hope this forum is the right place. I'm dealing with inside and outside safety issues -due to DID/MPD and CPTSD- that my T wants to put me in the hospital for, work responsibilities, and my very sick mom. She's just recovering from Grave's Disease (that almost cost her her life) and surgery. I'm trying to keep everything together and be there for her, but I'm going through my own stuff right now. I'm having such a difficult time coping. I feel so overwhelmed. I feel so guilty because I know I'm making her health worse (she is aware of my struggles with DID/C-PTSD and worries about me). I feel like running away. I'm all alone in dealing with everything. The only people that know are my T and GP. Things are so bad. I'm cracking up from all the strain. I don't know what to do or how to cope. I feel so incompetent and paralyzed. I feel myself shutting down. I can't eat. I can't even cry. I'm sorry. I hope I don't upset anyone in writing this. I need someone to know what's happening with me and how I'm feeling. :i'm sorry:. Really...

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Hey hun :hug: I'm really sorry to hear about all that is going on for you. Sounds really hard. Is there anyone in your life that could help you take care of your mom? Maybe if you had someone to help you could get a bit of a break to recollect yourself? :hug:

Hang in there. If you need to talk you can PM me anytime.

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Hun talk to your doctor get some professional help to come in to look after your mother okay. If the doctor thinks you can benefit from some hospital stay then go okay There you will get some rest and support you need to cope okay hugs
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