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urgent advice needed!

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ok, so here's the deal: my alarm will go off in a bit more than 2.5hrs, but I was stupid enough to drink RedBull tonight so now I can't sleep, but as my alarm will go in less than 3hrs I need to fall asleep, and quickly; rather an hour ago than in 5 mins if you know what I mean. so

WHAT DO I DO???????? how can I fall asleep, other than smashing myself knock-out :laugh:
maybe someone can come sing me a lullaby on Skype? :laugh: :laugh:

maybe that'd work :unsure: :laugh:
Go on skype, u seem to fall asleep fast on there :tongue: haha

Seriously, not a good idea to drink the 'sugar free' (they lie!) red bull lol

Try a warm drink :smile: might help.

u gonna sing me lullaby then on Skype, Vikki? :tongue:
unless you turned on invisible mode, I dont seee youuuuuuu, where do you sleep? you didnt make any hot chocolate, bad Vikki. biaaatch :tongue:

My fuckin' alarm will go off in like what... 1 hour and 20 mins and I'm wide awake again. damn. Fell asleep for like 10mins or whatever had a really nice dream (NOT!) and woke up cause i fucking headbutted the fucking wall!

can't I even have one FULL day of being happy!!!??? urgh. this pisses me off..

now I'll go to work later on being a complete zombie probably screwing it up cos of being so tired and I'll probably get fired and fuck.

I'm telling you if I get fucking fired... oh feck sake. shit world.

I c\ant fucking sleep
when it's most fucking importatnt to go to fucking sleep I cant. for fuck sake

is someone tryint to tell me that this fucking job is not meant to be, that I'm a ucking failure, and shouldnt go to work??!! Gah! HELLLOOOOOOOOOO as if I didnt already know i"m a fucking failure! GOD!

am I not allowed to have ONE FUCKING day of happiness. ONE FUCKING DAY, is that too much to fucking ask.

I want to fucking curl up in a ball, go to sleep and wake up on the fucking Island.


My god seems like this cycle will go on forever...

First in school, then at work...(sigh)

My advice (if you can even call it that) is to NOT fall asleep in the future if you ever fall into a similiar predicament. Seriously, one time I stayed up all night and fell asleep at 4 or 5 in the morning, and I only ended up wanting to sleep more...Pure Torture.

Once you force yourself to stay awake you'll get superhuman energy to last you the day, dunno, that happened to me, and then later at late afternoon/evening you just crash. Ugh.
YAY for Est :biggrin: She did fall asleep for a bit. Managed to get up on time :biggrin: (which is a fecking miracle for Est) *hides for Est* :tongue:

I'm proud that she actually got out of bed at that time considering the amount of sleep she got. She seemed pretty awake but then again i did make her take some red bull with her hehe.

Anyways .... im proud of ya Ishy (i know ya like being called that :tongue:)

*offers Est a tomato*

*also ducks the slap*


Love ya hun xxx
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