Urgent: chance of getting pregnant?

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  1. Hurted

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    Yesterday morning my GF should start to take a new pack of contraception pills (after 1 week of not taking them because of period). She forgot to take it and we realised that after sex, so that's when she took it (12 hours too late).
    Now were afraid that there are chances she could get pregnant. It's the first time that sometimes like this happened, she never forgot to take one of them before... So, is the pill still affective, if it's taken 12 hours too late? Is there any difference if you forget to take the 1st pill of new pack or any pill during the 3 week period of taking them?
  2. Wastingecho

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    best best would be for her to call her doctor and ask the question since they should be familiar with the specific meds she's taking

    from a purely biological viewpoint - the vast majority of women won't produce a viable egg immediately following their period which should leave both of you in the clear - but i'm not an expert

    definitely check with her doctor
  3. FrainBart

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    I would say unlikely, however in doubt always consult a doctor. She's just her one week break so the egg would have been expelled from her body by this point, however there is a slim chance of another being produce (though that is extremely small)
  4. oval

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    typically its ok as long as you still take the pill within 24 hours. if she has been on the pill for a while, at least 6 months, it souldnt put you at a risk if she missed one in the 3rd week. that is what my doctor told me.
  5. Hurted

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    Thanks for all replys. The thing is - i read somewhere that missing one pill is not a big deal, however, if it's first or the last one, then chances of getting pregnant are much higher. Well, i will be really nervous for the next 3 weeks. Unfortunately, there is no other option than to wait for 3 weeks and hope her period will be normal...
  6. meaningless-vessel

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    The only certain contraceptive is no sex. I'd still get checked by a doc because of the uncertainty.