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Urgent Question

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Hi Folks,

Sorry I havent posted in a while. I'ved moved house.

Quick question....Should I tell work that I have been suffering from depression? The reason I need a quick advice is that I'm back to work tonight. I went sick last night as I felt so bad.

Upto recently I've felt pretty good but things have slid a little and Im struggling again. I'm just concerned as my work skills have dropped off and its been a real struggle going into work.

Thanks all


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i told my work about my depression. if you can trust your boss you should.
(i quit a week later due to my depression....unrelated)


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If u have a good boss, one who will understand and be supportive, then yes.
If you have an arsehole boss (man I've had a few of those) then no, just see your doc and get signed off for a bit.
Hi, thanks for the reply. Im not to sure about my boss. I've seen her attitude towards folks that she doesnt like at work and that worries me a little.
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