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Urgent Question

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We have an electric shower.
It cut out on me.
Do you think I broke it or did I just empty the tank? Would it cut out and refuse to start up again or even come on if I emptied the tank? Does that make sense?
Or does it like, cut out after it's been on for a certain amount of time, like an hour?


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Geez moon what I know about electric showers u could fit on the head of a pin.



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We had an electric shower, it started cutting out a lot and then it turned out something was wrong with it and an electrician needed to fix it... i doubt it's your fault if it ran out, i'd imagine if water run out it might turn off... if it's tripping out the whole house then it might be more serious...


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Hi hun, we had an electric shower until a few weeks ago, what ever is wrong with it, it is not your fault!
An electric shower heats the water as it comes through, so you can't run out of water.... you do have awfully long showers though :tongue:
Guess it may have overheated??? Try it again now, it might work otherwise I think you need an electrician.

:hug: Hazel xx
Fine Joe, fine to post that AFTER I thought of it and texted you about it :dry:
Yes folks, it was the fuse. I spent the afternoon panicking and then I thought, "oh my god, I'm so dumb", went and checked the fuse box, and all the little buttons were pressed in except for the one labelled "shower".
I'm so dumb :laugh:
But at least I didn't break the shower. That would have been hard to explain... :tongue:
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