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  1. brknsilence

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    Fighting off urges to self harm. Just so upset. Wanting relief
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    Keep fighting off the urges hun. Have a nice relaxing shower or bath. Read some entertainment news, that might cheer you up :) I am sorry you are going through this but from what I know of you, you are strongas hell and will get through this difficult time hun. SF is here for you, always!! *hugs*
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    I'll fight if you will. I'm old [ish] and disabled but I can whack a few with my sticks, stings like hell, or so I am told.

    You being upset makes me upset because I am stupid like that. I am not a pretty sight when I am upset, my eye liner runs and mascara is a right old mess and you dont want that now do you?

    Want a brownie from my secret stash and a cuppa, then I wont feel so guilty as I wont be eating them all to myself ;)

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  4. brknsilence

    brknsilence Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone

    Crying again and so upset. Just can't stand being this way anymore.
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