Urgh.. What's Happening.

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  1. Urgh... I've been stuck inside all day and I'm feeling really p*ss*d off.. I've got an overprotective boyfriend who won't give me any space and now he's talking about me behind my back with two of my 'friends' who keep accusing me of cheating or flirting whenever I talk to another guy, and most of my friends are guys, so all week I haven't been able to talk to anyone without being stalked by my boyfriend and friends ¬¬.
    I think I want to leave him but he's going through all this cr*p with medication. He takes antidepressants and painkillers but he wants to stop taking them even though he'll have mood swings, because he thinks it's for the best. I don't want to leave him alone with all that going on but staying with him means I can't be the person I am... I was just in the kitchen making tea and I got a random urge to slash my foot =S It's tempting but I know that if I do it I'll only regret it. eek. >.< I dunno...
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    Hello :hug:

    I dont think you should stay with your boyfriend for that reason, you should stay cause you want to. And if he is holding you back, it might be better to let go.
    I know that sounds harsh because he is going through a hard time but he shouldnt drag you down in it all and talk behind your back, you deserve better

    think about yourself, you deserve to be happy!
  3. thanks... I probably should leave him I've been trying to cool things off, I barely even hug him and it's been like that for at least 3 weeks, but he seems to think we're stronger than ever o_O
    I don't know what they've actually been saying about me, they think there's something wrong with me but they don't seem to realise that they're upsetting me.. Everything keeps getting to me which is a shame cos I was really happy just a few days ago =/