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**Urgh, why allways me!?!?**

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For fuck sake!!!!!!!

What the hell is wrong with you! fair enough i can listen to people, bet seriously, everytime for the past 4 - 5 months! either about how shit u feel or about her.

You know full well i feel shit most of the time! feel suicidal and yet you still decided to talk about suicide when you know im in a good mood! as soon as you pop up *bang* my mood drops, sooo fucking quickly!

Soooooo fucking triggered right now :cry:

Fair enough she made you happy! she choose to break up with you, she may but my cousin but i can't change the way she feels! this is one of the reason she broke up with you! your too controlling as she put it, i could even notice!

Im not in your relationship! so why did you continuosly bring me into it! even she said u kept doing it! i told u before i didnt wanna be involved in your and her problems, but yet again where am i? in the fucking middle!

I don't need someone saying they wanna crash their car, jump under a train, want their heart to give out in the night. Even say they want someone to come up to them and stab you! My brother has had a knife put to his throat! you know what thats like!

My aunty knew someone who got stabbed on a bus, in camden because he told the bloke to stop throwing chips at his girlfriend! he had a life, was getting married, a family ....... and you wanna throw it away! He didn't choose to die that way! but you tell me thats what you want to happen!

Sooo fucking triggered! was perfectly fine this morning! well had 3 hours sleep, was woken up (thanks ester lol) had a nice convo, had a convo with ester and my mate on skype, had a laugh, went out feeling good, had a really nice day out with my mum and nan, havn't feel happy like that in a long time, come home feeling allright then as soon as you pop up bam mood gone.

All you need to do is accept she broke up with you! i can't make her change her mind, shes moved on, she may be my cousin but i cant manipulate the way she feels for you!

Sorry everyone, had to get it out
Sorry gotta do this

You fucking prick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear to god mate, if i fucking see you! ima knock the shit outta ya!

No one fucking calls anyone in my family a slut and gets away with it!!!!

Fucking prick!!!


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Carolyn you've already got the lingo sorted, now all u need are the bovver boots :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


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LOL !!!! Nah these go over your shoulders and hold your trousers up.

To be really cool you have to hook your thumbs in em at the front and swagger as you walk :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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