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SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Them neighbours are blasting their "music" which sounds more like white noise and it's driving me fucking mental. Dear me... they blast their music ALL DAY and during the night and to sleep is only a dream within itself!!!!!! So much for that law saying all music and noise should stop by 11pm or whatever it is because law? Wtf? LAW???? They wouldn't KNOW what law is if it punched them in the faace because lawdoesn't apply to them. They are ABOVE the law which is why they were suprised when their brother was sent down a few months ago for helping to kill one of the locals with a samurai sword. What lovely neighbours I live next door to and that's EXACTLY why people don't complain because they are scared of them, and they know this. They have helped to make my life and my family's life hell and do they care? Of course they do! that's what they want. They want to drive us away and my dad being the stubborn person that he says we arenot going to move awaybecause theywill win. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE. Pride gets in the way of too many things and once in a while you have to think, "screwthis, I'm not putting up with it" and MOVE AWAY... but no. That's not going to happen and in the meantime I have to put up with their flipping music blasting almost 24/7 and when the music ISN'T playing, the dogs are barking continuously. IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!


:hug: now may be the time to invest in some earplugs if your dad wont move. but if i were you i would move you as soon as possible, because they sound dangerous. try not to get yourself in harms way :hug:


aww :hug: earplugs or playing music YOU like loudly sounds like an option :hug: stay safe hun :hug:

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