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Autumn is coming back. This might be the last time, stress partake and rule, dark horses ride and shatter the mist in my mind, the sky is full of stars and the warm sun hides on the other side of the earth.

I´m once again here alone walking under the great oaks on a worn out rough path. Its leading deeper into the darkness. I feel the sting of my past and future and the yearning of leaving for one last adventure.

My voice has silenced in the revelation of where this path is going. Embedding the escape I must, everybody eventually dies and this my own destiny leading a solitude stride to the melody of falling leaves on wet ground.

I wash my hands and my face in the lake. Reflections of stars and a figure looking back with a face of resolute and infinite sadness.

So here we are again, walking the path of the exile. A child of the exodus, a choice, I could stay and face my life with no promise of pride or victory or I could escape and gain what is already promised me.

Releasing the life force, abandon my world. The trees stood silent.
-What can I do?
-I´m nobody... I could not do s***.. and now I am here and you are not

Standing up again, I made my way deeper into the wild.

- Maybe you where the lucky one. "I cried out"

Wielding all this power I still could not make things right.

Yori was a child of the tribe, he grew to have a family, two sons and a daughter. Yori was proud and strong. A mover and a shaker, well respected within his community. All throe his adventure he never saw the man walking into the cave to rest and he never saw him exit, How could he? the man never did.

In the end of that winter an Ursidae loomed out of the cave, tired and disoriented from the long hibernation. He sniffed the cold air and then started walking the old worn path stopping only to munch on blueberries or scratch his back on a tree.

He reached the lake and drank the cold water. His great pawns feeling the frosty snow melting away under the heat.



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I don't know if you wrote that, or if it came from somewhere... If you wrote it, you have an amazing way with words. Just wanted you to know I read it.


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Thank you WildCherry. I wrote it right there and then, I had to re-log the site twice to post hehe timed out. Sometimes I think I will explode if I cant write, it was like that last night.

You are very kind and I am glad you replied, thank you again.
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