US police bash teenage girl (video)

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  1. Bob26003

    Bob26003 Well-Known Member

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  2. Bob26003

    Bob26003 Well-Known Member

    Teenage Girl Attacked By Sheriff's Deputy

    A police officer in Seattle USA has pleaded not guilty to assault after cameras in a cell appeared to capture him attacking a 15-year-old girl. She later complained of breathing problems and had to be seen by a doctor. There is no sound on this video.

  3. hammockmonkey

    hammockmonkey Well-Known Member

    Vicious. Well, proof once again that the Law has no real interest in protecting or serving.
  4. Feared.Desire

    Feared.Desire Well-Known Member

    You don’t become a cop to be an asshole to teenagers.
    They/we are lippy, and damn annoying most of the time. I don’t blame some of them for snapping.

    In addition, the terrorist comment at the end, (I’m probably going to get shit for this), but I don’t blame them for using ‘harsh measures’.

    Do you know what they’re doing to our people when they’re captured? What in the **** makes you think we should treat them better?

    If someone if someone pulls a sword on you, and you have a gun, you’re sure as shit going to use it. You’re not going to throw it aside and try fighting with your hands.

    Fight these heartless bastards on even grounds. Don’t give them the upper hand because we’re too ‘nice’.
  5. anonymous51

    anonymous51 Staff Alumni

    I love how they play off that she was completley innocent, and only discreetly mention that she was verbally abusing the officers.

    I direct a question to people reading this thread: if we saw a video of a convicted murderer in a jail cell verbally abusing the police officers, and then saw the officers drag the murderer to the floor by his hair, would you see that acceptable? Why is it that because this person in the video is a teenage girl, she is allowed to treat the police in any way she wants? Should she not be treated in the same way that all other criminals are treated? Isnt that what justice means?

    There are older male criminals (many of them wrongly accused) who are treated far worse than this, but will never have their voices heard. Yet when we see a spoilt brat throwing a tantrum after being arrested for antisocial behaviour, we demand that she should be treated as a princess? Isnt the true injustice here that this girl who is guilty, gets more sympathy than others who are falsley accused?
  6. Issaccs

    Issaccs Well-Known Member

    Missing White Woman Syndrome mate.
  7. Shogun

    Shogun Well-Known Member

    I don't particularly care who this offends, but I'm not shocked by the video and I really don't care.

    Teenagers/young people are far too abusive, mouthy and disrespectful these days. Police officers are there to do a job and don't need some snot nosed brat calling them names while they're supposed to be out helping people.

    I personally wouldn't have lost control like that and I certainly wouldn't have roughed the girl up, but I don't blame that cop one bit. Youngsters seem to think they have a free pass to say and do whatever the f*** they like to adults without any repercussions at all. Well guess what? If we were in Communist China or Saudi Arabia, that girl probably would've been beaten to death. Is that right? Of course not. But we westerners complain about the tiniest little thing these days because we've gotten comfortable with how easy we have it.

    We're far too liberal.[/rant]

    Okay, flame me.
  8. Summer.Rain

    Summer.Rain Well-Known Member

    Im with you on that one
    100% right
  9. Lyse

    Lyse Guest

    So because it's a nightmare in other parts of the world, things like these should be tolerated and we should stop working for a better world? Is that what you're saying?
  10. anonymous51

    anonymous51 Staff Alumni

    I think what hes saying is that in todays western world, people grow up thinking they can do whatever the hell they want. Parents raise their kids to be nasty, inconsiderate spoilt wee bastards. I myself am a teenager and can see it around me. If this girl had simply sat down in her cell and waited to be interviewed rather than act up, she wouldnt have been restrained.

    Maybe if people started taking responsibility for their own actions, and respected their fellow citizen we wouldnt be seing these things. hell will be frozen over before that ever happens im afraid :rolleyes:.
  11. the fleet asleep

    the fleet asleep Well-Known Member

    a grown man beating on a 15 year old girl isnt right in any sense, no matter what circumstance. would he not have gotten arrested if that was his daughter, and he punched her in the head a few times? if it was a husband clobberiing his wife, would he not face charges? if he was some random guy on the street, and he slammed a random mouthy 15 year old girl to the ground by her hair, would it not have been unacceptable?

    ill agree we're too PC a society, but unless youre in danger, you have no right to cause physical harm. sure, some gangster wannabe punk mouthing off to a cop deserves a whoopin, but if i did the same thing, id be arrested. shes 15, and she posed no threat to these 2 grown men. he beat her to prove a point because he allowed a 15 year old girl get under his skin. if you cant deal with a mouthy 15 year old girl without having to beat her, you dont deserve a badge.

    an honestly, if you cant deal with a mouthy 15 year old girl without beating her, youre a man undeserving of that title. youre no man if you beat a 15 year old girl because you lack the ability to outspeak her, or to control your pathetic rage.
  12. wheresmysheep

    wheresmysheep Staff Alumni

    well you see you are generalising peoples views there.
    i personally believe no one deserves a beating from the "long ar of the law" in any circumstances. that is not their place, and anyone saying it is has a warped mind about law enfocement imho.

    at the same time i do completely agree that people are becoming more and more unruly, but again it doesnt geive anyone the right to beat them JUST for being mouthy.

    unfortunately ignorance is being allowed to breed and you cant stop taht unless you enforce birth rates to drop and stop some people from giving birth, but of course that will never happen.
    the world as a whole is gettung dumber, and when you have a dumber civilization things like this will happen.

    on another note about americas brilliant law enforcement.

    tasered to death cause he had a fucking stapler....

    right on!! :dry:
  13. Lyse

    Lyse Guest

    OF COURSE people are becoming "unruly" when the people that are supposed to make people feel SAFE are starting to make people feel AFRAID, acting like gangsters. The police really have their own little society; here in Sweden, also, a fifteen year old boy did NOTHING more than say "oink oink" to a police officer, so he now has been sued by the police of that county. If he would've said that to a fat person, known to be suicidal, the police wouldn't have cared a bit.
  14. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    this is all true...

    but still, it does not justify what happened here.
  15. Shogun

    Shogun Well-Known Member

    Yep, you pretty much covered it.

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees it this way too.
  16. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    I've seen your posts before and I'm frankly not surprised that you take a sociopathic view to something like this.

    So if somebody insults you that gives you the right to bash their head in? And that's not even considering the cop was twice her size and just about twice her age.

    Yes. And professionalism and not taking things personally are a big part of any job. If you can't do that in any job, you should find a job doing something that won't drive you into psychotic fits of rage.

    Something tells me having video tapes of cops beating the shit out of 15 year old girls all over TV and the internet isn't going to endear the police to the public or make their job any easier or more pleasant.

    Then you are just as bad as he is. Period.

    We're not in China or Saudi Arabia so you sound like a sadistic fool.

    I've seen this video several times and that wasn't a tiny little thing. Do you have any idea what head trauma can do to someone? I guess not because you're so far out of touch with reality.

    It's not even worth it.
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  17. Shogun

    Shogun Well-Known Member

    And I've seen your posts before and I'm frankly not surprised that you take a typical weaka$$ liberal view to something like this.

    Did I say that? But you can't expect to say whatever the hell you like to people and get away with it. Nobody ever reacts violently to others for no reason, they're usually provoked.

    Imagine if that incident never have happened.... that she would've just got away with being a mouthy, spoilt, brat and she would've left the station to go back home and brag to all her mates about how she mouthed off to the cops and they couldn't do sh!t all about it. It's people like that that get more and more confident in their bad girl attitude and carry on mouthing off to strangers and end up getting murdered/beaten to death over it.

    I bet that girl will think twice before mouthing off to an adult again.

    Here is the only part where you have a tiny point. He should've showed more professionalism. But guess what? He ain't a robot. He's human just like everybody else and humans make mistakes and have tempers and tolerance levels. Maybe he reached his tolerance level.

    No? Then why is this forum and this thread divided over what happened in that video? Why are there others as well as me agreeing with the way the cop handled that girl? I find it particularly bizarre that you'd single me out to attack over my comments when just about everyone else is agreeing with me and saying similarly conservative things.

    This comes down to liberalism vs conservatism and you'll always get strong conservatives who understand just why that cop snapped.

    Whatever! Did I say I applaud him and his actions? No! I said I understand, there's a difference.

    Yeah? And you sound like a complete dumba$$ for only addressing that part without addressing the next part as a whole, because it's relevant. No one said we're in China or Saudi Arabia, Sparky. But if we were, you really would have something to complain about. You should thank your lucky stars you're in such a free country where you can criticize the authorities for making mistakes like every other human being does and not get your whiny a$$ beaten to death for it.

    I'm out of touch with reality? You are just one complete contradiction.

    In reality you're supposed to respect the very people trying to uphold the law. You're supposed to respect your elders. You're not supposed to push their buttons and try to rile them up.

    If you had your way, every cop that makes a mistake or a blunder would be fired and be behind bars. There would be no one left to police the cities.

    I bet you're an Anarchist. :rolleyes:

    Yes it is worth it.... because whiny liberal protesters like you just can't let anyone with a government supporting view have their say. You've done a fine job flaming me, congrats.

    Like I said earlier, why you singled me out when practically everyone has a similar viewpoint as me on the subject is beyond me.

    Have fun going back to your life where everyone sits beneath a giant rainbow in a pink sky singing and holding hands all day long. We in the real world will continue to look at life without our rose tinted glasses.
  18. Lyse

    Lyse Guest

    Yeah, like in Russia and most former Soviet states, or Balkan. Respect the ones that are "trying" to "uphold the law". Do not challenge them even if they are known to be corrupt and abuse and even rape. If you think the US is any different then you are deluded. With the economic crisis to add to the corruption and moral decline among the authorities, I wouldn't be surprised if the US becomes another Russia, soon.

    What practically anyone? On your favourite fascist forum? And don't forget that the noisiest people always are the fascists. That's the reason why so many leftists don't end up voting during elections.

    You can't "counter" with that I have a weak attitude, either. I would generally be considered psychotic for many of my views. But when the "authorities" do things like these, it makes me very unhappy to say the least.
  19. Shogun

    Shogun Well-Known Member

    There's others that have displayed a similar view as myself in this thread and I find it bizarre that "Random" singles only me out to attack.

    Other than that, I could hardly be called a "fascist." I said I understood why the cop reacted like that, not that I would do the same. I don't particularly care about the subject as I know how frustrating mouthy, spoilt teenagers can be.

    I personally would have ignored it and tried to switch off. The cop chose not to. That's his mistake, not mine.

    And if I'm a fascist, you're weak and whiny.
  20. Issaccs

    Issaccs Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna call bullshit right their but I've seen and been involved in too many fights too accept that, fucking street brawls started over something as trivial as a RINGTONE.

    BUT at the same time, allowing people too get away with the disrespect the girl was showing is part of the problem for that. Now, while I'm not concerned about her treatment, too be honest having watched the video aside from being pulled about I didn't see anything particularly painful, I would have been happier with her being fined $500 for the pig comment.
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