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  1. ~CazzaAngel~

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    ~ Dear love ~

    With you I have a reason to live - though I sometimes fall,
    With my love for you - I am not afraid to feel anymore,
    With the promise of our life - I'm going to do things I never would,
    With hope and love we can make it - We can beat the odds,
    With arms we will comfort each other - We will make it alright,
    With trust we will learn - To believe in ourselves and each other,
    With our eyes we will be able to see the true soul - See the true self,
    With our passion - Our flame of love will never go out,
    With our memories - We will be able use the knowledge for life,
    With our compassion - We will be able to accept flaws and mistakes,
    With our experiences - We can help guide each other to the light of life,
    With our life - We can spend it and live it always together - in love.
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    nice poem
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