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i never cared about "getting laid" or "hooking up" i dont know, even kissing was so special to me, i've only been intimate with two people, and both of them have done me wrong- so wrong

girls, and guys have tried to hook up with me, but i've always belived in love and wouldnt do it

i just wanna feel pretty right now, like im not a peice of shit, i think i'm gonna let them do it, im tired of burning my self and achoking to numb the emotional pain, i need some one here, i know its nothing to them, but i just need some one right now

i still believe in love, but after being cheated on and left for dead by my fiance, and cheated on with my cousin by my first lover in three years, i dont think love is possible for me, i dont care about myself, i wont turn them down anymore

use me, numb me


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If sleeping with a consenting adult makes you feel good - I say go for it. If you are sleeping with somebody to make them feel good - you are going to be disappointed. It will do nothing positive for you - and whatever it does for them, you'll never know.

Your post distresses me. It seems to indicate things that aren't positive.

Why do you feel you need to do anything physical?

I am kind of weird, but I couldn't have a physical relationship with somebody that I didn't love.
I'm so sorry this has happened to you. You have a great sense of morals and I respect that immensely. I hope you don't betray yourself just because they have betrayed you. It won't be easy. You will find love again with someone who you can trust. There are faithful people out there who feel the same way you do.

I've been tempted to do the same thing, especially after my last relationship. X.x It's just not worth it. It won't fix anything.


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I am sorry but not only is that a bad idea from an long-term emotional standpoint, I also doubt it would work in the short term. You have had some horrific experiences but punishing yourself in this way will not help. I think a better idea would be to find a decent person who will treat you well.

Please tell us how you are feeling now?
that's not the solution to your pain. maybe for a moment u can forget. it will all come back later, when you're alone. if u still believe in love, then why punish yourself!? find someone who treats u better. u deserve much more, dear. :hug:
Be very careful of people you know nothing about. Be very careful of disease.

I can understand your desire. I am now 55 and have no desire for sex any longer. I think it is natural after memopause to stop the desire, and I am glad the desire is gone.

As you, my experince with men was one of being used and cheated on. I do not believe men are designed to be with one women.

I had between 40 and 45 lovers in my life. I never felt it was wrong. My concern for you is that you think it is wrong and, therefore, you may experience emotional pain.

Take care of yourself. My hope is you do find a partner in life to trust and love.


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i wanna say thank you to you all, i didnt think i'd get the response i got

i'm not gonna do it cause i like wanna have sex or im horny or somthing, it's just that it seems like the only people i've been with have used me for that reason, sex was always a big deal for me, and i was just flattered that they chose me, it made me feel special, i was never the one to "put on the first moves" as they say, they were, and it made me feel i dont know pretty and special, and i just wanna feel like i matter to some one again, even if it's just for that one moment, i just need to feel like im not a ghost to someone

thank you again for caring, i've never gotten private messsages until now - i really wish i knew you all when i was in highschool it would have made me a completely different person

i'll never forget your words
I think the best thing you can do when feeling like this, is to focus on taking care of yourself. Try to be the best *you* can be. It sucks to be lonely and have been hurt by others but life is not over yet (even though it may feel that way)...the worst thing you can do is give up...take it one day at a time.

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you can come here hun as often as you need okay You will see people do care here I care okay abt you You need to know you are special your are important on your own hun okay h ugs
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