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    I was with this girl for like 3 years.
    People know me online for not liking bad words and people being perverts.
    This girl had me do sexual things I wasn't completly comfortable with. She said "What's the matter, don't you like it..?" but whatever. And I told her later I'd rather just play a video game than do naked stuff with her.
    And she sent me comics on the Nintendo 3DS Swapnote thing, I got full of 3,000 (the limit) Notes, of drawn sexual comics she would draw for me, of her doing..sexual things to me.

    Now, well back October, she's on Facebook for the first time, and she got worried that I would be jealous and things went bad. I said how I don't get how girls like Slenderman so much (she had it on her facebook interests,) and I also asked who this Grell anime guy she's so obsessed with is. That was when she typed with caps lock all over her profile about me and dumped me. All I said was "I Love you" and "I'm sorry," in response to her freaking out, but she told her mom that me and her were fighting all over her profile (I really didn't say anything except I Love you, and I'm sorry.)

    ok now HELP.
    my 3ds is full of 3,000 comics of her really very detaidly sucking on my balls and stuff
    she did sexual things to me that I didn't comprehend what she was doing until like 5 months later
    I felt like we didn't know eachother enough and she persuaded me to do sexual things.
    Of course, she makes it seem like I used her, and she told her mom I wanted her to do sexual roleplays with me.
    She was the one that asked to do sexual roleplays with me, and I had to wait 2 hours to reply cuz I was so nervous and had no idea what to do.
    Right now she's on Facebook groups, rubbing against people, cyberly flashing her boobs to guys she likes and stuff.

    ok lemmie get to the HELP part again
    this girl got my sex drive going, by drawing comics of her sucking on my balls 2 days RIGHT BEFORE she broke up with me cuz she was worried I would be jealous on facebook all the time.
    OH one more thing
    I kept coming close to forgetting about her, but my current crush, is now friends with my ex-girlfriend I'm talking about, and she always brings her up, even after she says she really won't bring up my ex-girlfriend, she immediatly shows me all these cool drawings my ex-girlfriend did for her, and my ex-girlfriend is all over my crush's facebook profile, it makes me sad when I see something liked and then it dissapears cuz my ex-girlfriend has me blocked.

    after being with virgin girls all this time, I seek a virgin girl, but everyone in the universe of course is telling me how shallow that is. If the girl is cute and adorable enough, they don't gotta be a virgin, but anyways, curss wasting 3 years on this ex-girlfriend of mine. I'm 26 now.

    my 3DS is full of hott smexy comics my ex-girlfriend drew for me
    she overreacted and blocked me on facebook
    The same things she thought I was jealous about (Slenderman and Grell the red-haired anime guy,) I talked about to my current crush that's now friends with my ex-girlfriend, and my crush saw nothing wrong with what I said, she agreed with me. I was just sayin that I think my character looks cooler than Grell personally, and I don't get why gals like Slenderman so much, and my current crush agrees.

    too bad my current crush says she hates physical contact and that I have to wait at least 2 years to hug her, cuz she doesn't like physical attention.
    But my ex-girlfriend was super pervy and the opposite of my current crush with love stuff.

    and I LOVE MY ex-girlfriend, I always sang to myself about how I love her. She persuaded me to do sexual things when I thought we didn't know eachother enough! She's being all sexual all over the place on facebook. She turned my old friend against me and now their her friend instead.

    So, I have TONS of nice notes and drawings and stuff from my ex-girlfriend and.. I just appreciate it more and more, but she broke up with me way too soon when she overreacted, and no I don't tell her she overreacted or anything, I'm not able to talk to her anyways.

    Now I'm stalking her facebook profile on a new name.
    My brother's girlfriend told me to just spread her naked pictures all over the internet for revenge, but I don't wanna risk stuff. I live with my niece and baby cousin and stuff, I don't want bad things to happen. I dunno if I can take it to court, the first 2,000 swapnotes were deleted when my SD card once got corrupted, and all that's left is super loveydovey and sexual swapnotes from both her and me.

    I miss my ex-girlfriend
    she really did sexually abuse me or persuade me to do stuff I wasn't prepared to do
    she sent me WEIRD sexual pictures and hott comics and
    I miss her =(
    and she used me
    which would be fine if she would just be my friend
    but she keeps refusing, being worried that I'll be jealous of everything she does on facebook and just stress her out

    but if I can't have her, what do I do. I live in a trashy New York town. I want a cute, adorable, innocent girl that loves geeky nerdy old-school games and anime, not a trashy normal girl. I miss my ex-girlfriend. =X
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    You are 26 years old. She neither used or abused you by drawing pictures or sharing thoughts and fantasies with you. If you did not like it then you had the option to break up with her. Instead you are saying she used and abused you and was unfair because you miss those things. If you do not like that stuff delete it and next girlfriend if it progresses in a way you are uncomfortable with tell her to stop or break up with her.

    Di not spread her pictures online or stoop to those childish things Simply move on, and since you are apparently uncomfortable with how the relationship was then that is what you should do anyway instead of trying to "get her back". But you are not a child or a teen, you are an adult and she did not physically abuse you or force you to do anything, and since in the same message you are saying she abused you by doing it and abused you because she stopped doing it then it is clear that you were a willing participant, and you chose to save the messages. Your best bet is to respect her wishes and not stalk her on FB or you will find you are the one that gets the reputation for being "weird", delete the stuff she sent you if it upsets you, and in the future since you are an adult remembering that you bear equal responsibility in the things you are choosing to participate in, so make your choices based on your own values.
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    thanks for the advice.

    Gosh, I dunno what to do. I wasn't used to the sexual stuff she did, I couldn't comprehend what she was doing when she was behind me making growling noises doing weird stuff to meh bum with her mouth for months, and I was weirded out by the sexual comics she sent me, but now I'm used to them and keep thinking about how it's gonna be hard to find a girl like her, who sent me over 40 SwapNote comics a day of her doing lovey things to me and stuff.

    I worry cuz she's flashing guys in groups and joining sexual groups and stuff. I always freak out about stuff like that, with people that are close to me. Like in school when I kept freaking out to eveyrone that they shouldn't be watching shows that have bad words in them. I'm worried. Anyways.

    I want her back T-T I hate that she told her mom the wrong things about me, I messaged her mom about how she's doing sexual roleplays all over the place online, but she just told her mom that I force her to sexual roleplays with me when it was her who kept asking me to do sexual roleplays, and she kept tellin my current crush that she just told her mom that stuff so that I'd go away and she's afraid I'll come back. But she kicked me out over a misunderstanding, cuz when I told my current crush the same things that my ex-girlfriend broke up with me for (the slenderman and red-haired anime Grell guy thing) my current crush agree'd with me and I wasn't jealous at all, I was just saying I don't get why so many guys and girls like slenderman and I think my character looks cooler than Grell.

    also its no excuse but by 26 years old I mean I live in my parents basement, I can't even convince my dad to buy me a 6-pack of beer, and it's been taking over a year for the services that teach me how to be independent so that I can move out (even though I think I am ready @_@) to meet me, although they just contacted me recently saying they'll get in touch with me in 3 months from now.

    blah =(
    99 things
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    Okay...well, I'm mostly curious about one thing that's not completely clear to me. Is this an online relationship, or have you actually met your ex-girlfriend in real life?

    Also, I'm wondering, what made you sign up for this forum? Have you ever been diagnosed with any mental illnesses? Just so we're on an even playing field, I have depression, drug dependency, mixed personality disorder, and social anxiety.