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I had this thing with a guy named Luis, I started talking to him around the beginning of the year and he became one of my best guy friends. We both liked each other but never dated. We got a little intimate and rumours went around about me. I confronted him about it why people were making up things and if he was telling people. It seemed like he didn't care so I ended the conversation. Two days after yet another rumor came around and I told him people were telling me he was just trying to hit it and quit it. He wrote "well I don't have to hit it anymore if it gets people to stop talking about you" I'm so confused on how to take that :/ we had texted everyday until then, hasn't texted me for a week. I hung out with some friends yesterday and he ended up coming, he didn't even say hi. Like I wasn't even there...why won't he talk to me anymore? He said he actually really liked me, even his best friend said so.
Maybe he was just trying to hit it and quit it...I feel so used :( what should I do? :(


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Oh my, your profile says you are 14. Um... I wouldn't be letting anyone "hit it" if I were you, but you have to decide for yourself I guess. My best advice would be to not get pressured into doing something you will regret later. You want people to respect you, right?

So, how old is Prince Disgusting? You might want to school yourself on what the laws of age of consent are in your state. Sex might sound like fun, and it is, but it is also something you need to be responsible enough to handle. I'll tell you right now that nobody except a horny teenager thinks you are mature enough.

If someone is spreading lies about you that is wrong. Being young can be difficult. Another piece of advice I can give you is to not believe everything someone says. A lot of people make shit up to get a reaction out of you. I know it's hard to look at a situation with a level head, but practice helps.

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