Useless hope

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    It's funny, because I thought moving out and getting a good job would change things. I live with my best friend now and it's awesome. We have opposite schedules, so I'm always alone. I landed the hospital job that I wanted, so I'll be financially stable with just that. Although, I still need a second for pocket money. After all these changes I made to better myself. Nothing has changed. I'm still depressed. Im still sad and still not satisfied. I constantly think of death and just want to get it over with. I try and I try everyday to get better, but I cant. Nothing is happening even though everything is. I can't just change me and that's the problem. No matter where I go i'll always be stuck with me. I hate it. What's wrong with me? Why can't I change? Why can't I just have the guts to end everything already? I don't have motivation anymore. I wish I was dead already.
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    Shovaz you have motivation you have better yourself depression sometimes does not have a reason for sticking around with therapy or meds or both you can beat it ok You have a lot of postives happening hold onto that ok and talk to your doc about how you are feeling maybe he or she can come up with something to help decrease these negative emotions that are staying with you.
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    try bringing in more of these positive changes, new experiences, some variation in routines
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    Nothing will change unless you make changes. I know it is hard when your unmotivated. What do you think would help you? Where do you think you can get motivation from?
    We are here for you :hug: We do care and we will continue to try and help you.