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useless ugly sex repellant


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I feel really stupid with what I'm about to confess but it confuses me n I don't knw wat to think I've never had sexual confidence as it is but hell its now non existent!

Its about my ex, the whole relationship was odd just like the pair of us, the first time we had sex I was out of it but I recall it in a sense. Great start!

When we lived together we drank heavily and he's always been into drugs, anyway the sex wud happen but it was weird. I enjoyed it, but he had difficulties like he took ages to come, was like sum major effort! This made me feel useless and repulsive agh feel so lame wriring this

So yeah, I must be useless and gross he didn't find me attractive wat? Why

He said it was due to medication he was on and drug abuse but I can't believe tht it must be me



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Drinking and drugs most definitely will have an effect on sexual performance. No logical reason to blame it on you being repulsive.
His willy is going through some problems,It has nothing to do with you.
Sometimes firing mechanisms jam.:poo:

If he didn't find you sexy then he wouldn't be shagging through the worry and embarrassment in an effort to satisfy you.

Give up the bad self image....and the drink and the drugs too.

Sex is like music,no other ingredients are required for full enjoyment of the experience.

You rock,the problems with his cock. :stars:


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I can't orgasm during sex at all regardless of who it's with or the situation. It's very likely to not have anything to do with you, if my experience is any guide.


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There's no sensation. The only reason I've heard of (and I've searched extensively) for that is circumcision - which is not the case.

I think I'm fucked, metaphorically but certainly not physically. I can still masturbate, but it's never brought me any pleasure... I do it, as a chore, on a daily basis, to clear my mind.


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That's been put forward. Maybe I just need a higher ratio of masturbation to sex to get used to it... Meh. I'm not too worried, I still enjoy the overall experience.


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back to the origianl post if you dont mind
believe me its a lot worse when the man comes straight away ,awful feeling .
being very drunk isnt great for sex ,but if you are nervous a lot of ppl drink .its always better to be sober.there are so many psychological levels to the mind and sex ,that noone can really help you here.you have to try and have a healthy relationship with someone if you can .it does take a long time though for some anyway

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