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  1. There is such a thing as the "right" drug for the right person.... or doctors would not exist. However, the intentions of the "doctor" differ. Not having a steady physician that I can trust, I hit ER's for my severe headaches. Once a doctor who normally would have been my primary gave me something to "prevent" headaches not relieve them.... after 3 days of following the dosage instructions I developed painful muscle spasms in my neck.... I want to sue the idiot!
    Without painkillers I suffer from headaches that can last up to 14 hours.
    But when I have a supply I use the pills everyday, headache or not.
    My tolerance is high so I don't usually follow instructions to the letter. I want to use them sparingly to make them last yet I need to feel them or it's a waste. I find that everything is better when I'm "high". It changes me completely & I can deal with things I normally could not deal with.... not a good sign. Also the hospitals like to use needles & I have no problem with letting them.... not a good sign. I don't "need" it everyday but I'd like it everyday.... once again, not a good sign. Over-the-counter sleeping remedies serve to calm me. This is an everyday thing. I have trouble with drinking(causes headaches) but do when nothing else is available.... not a good sign.
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    Hi JANIV. I know what you mean but we both know it's not a good path to travel down.

    Have you considered counseling or anything? It may help out a lot.

    I'm faaaaaaaar from a counselor but if you ever want to talk or anything feel free to PM me. Good luck and God bless.
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