Utah Solves the Homeless Issue

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    So has mine!
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    I wouldn't put a whole faith in Utah's "Housing First" program. Homelessness will not end in Utah. We see so much stock iconography in homeless coverage. Shopping carts. Guys flying cardboard signs by the highway, "Will Work for Food." If not an outright lie, the image transmitted to media publics is very incomplete. But Utah is better than some other U.S. states that refuse to acknowledge an issue. The LDS Church that runs the state's political machinery did originate from a communitarian tradition, the Mormons wending their way westward from New York to Ohio to Missouri and Illinois before reaching the Salt Lake. Generally, they know what being persecuted is like.
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    The ranks of the employed homeless continue to grow. It used to be mainly people without jobs, often due to mental illness or addiction problems, but growing income equality has changed that. Many cities have no affordable housing for people near minimum wage.
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