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I'm taking a new med called Valdoxan I don't know if it's helping at all I think it's not to be honest.I started taking it near the end of March this year,along with that I take Abilify and Lithium and sometomes Seroquel.I don't personally think any are helping me,at times I thought they may've but really I think none are doing much at all.Because I may be going away or into hospital my Dr has chosen to leave the meds as they're right now.I'm starting to think it's better off taking no meds at all.

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I don't think so i tried without meds stop them ended up in a deeper dark hole it was not nice. I hope you can get into hospital so they can regulate your meds safely let us know how things work out hugs to you


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Thanks alot for your reply and warm thoughts,yeh it's not happening at the moment and I don't think these meds are doing it either for me.The fact is I've been pretty treatment resistant down the years and I fear there are no meds that can and will help me.

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