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valium and alochol

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I'm using valium and alcolhol on a nightly basis, now valium is supposed to give you a sense of well being, well i'm still far from happy about the various things i've been ranting on about on other threads. In the day when i'm off the stuff and the booze my life is intolerable. I don't know what i'm trying to get at but at the end of the day nothing helps the pain inside, it doesn't go away it just stays. I was on anti-depressents for 9 months, their main effect was to make me laid back and not real care about to much, well come off them and everything was back to normal for me. My head is up the spout, if I was an animal they'd put me out of my misery.
I'm no expert but i reckon mixing drugs and alcohol cant be a good combo? I've very little experience of valium, but alcohol tends to make your mood lower when you are already depressed... I reckon you should give the anti-d's another go, minus anything else, perhaps change brand or group?

Have a hug for now :Hug:
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