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Valium: my problem child (it's funny I promise!)

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That's a Hoffman (LSD creator reference) btw.

I'm currently taking 2 5mg valium (well diazepam, no brand names for us!) a day and it hasn't really done much. It kind of calms my anxiety but it's still there and I think it might uncover the depression or other problems underneath. It's only for a week anyway, I'm being switched to an antipsychotic next week that on paper sounds perfect for me, shame I can't find any user reports.

Anyway, last night I felt WAY more dopey than usual, I hadn't taken more than I was supposed to so I decided I couldn't possibly concentrate on Torchwood and I'd go to bed. I also think I walked into my housemates bedroom naked from the waist down telling him I was looking for pants, I thought it was my room.

I also think I might have taken a couple more valium during this as I don't have enough left for 2 a day. I'm not too worried about that, apart from last night it wasn't really helping.

Had a massive headache this morning too, like a hangover.

Don't try this at home kids ;) It wasn't fun dopey, it was confusing. I don't understand the people that take benzos for fun, they must have a different chemical makeup inside than me.
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