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Vampire fetish, anyone?

I'm not into blood play but i do like the vampire look.

I've always like goth girls of all types but the pale skin, red hair vampir complete with fangs look is definitly my favourite.
I'm not sure about fetish, but I do know if I had the chance to be a vampire, and they weren't of the sparkly variety lmao, I would totally go for it. I would love to have the strength and power, the speed and other abilities and honestly, as sick as it may sound, I'd love to have the power of life and death over my prey. To know you have the power to take a life in a matter of moments, and be compassionate enough not to take it... that's sexy. But I think it's more of a fantasy than a fetish in my case.


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Yes, I do have a vampire-fetish and i'm the happiest person on this earth since my lover found out and said "that's fine with me. do as you please-as long as i get out of it alive" xD

Maybe we should found a vampire-group! =3

ou, btw: I ordered fangs today <3 in a few weeks they'll be here and they'll be perfect, as if they were my own^^

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