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    I recently read an article that suggested older Japanese women, of sound mind and body, ate a huge variety of foods. The research concluded a typical western diet may consist of 30 regular foods. In comparison, these women were consuming around 100 different varieties of food on a regular basis. Plenty of fish, and a large variety of land based and sea based vegetables were present in their diet. I'm sure this doesn't come as a surprise to anybody, it's been known for a long time that the traditional Japanese diet is very healthy. The only real fault in their diet is the level of sodium. The question is how can a lazy ass western male incorporate some of this wisdom into his diet?

    I realize i should eat more fruit n veg, but the main problem I have is preparing it all. Fruit can be conveniently eaten either raw or perhaps from "snack packs". I particularly like the little apricot, peach, apple and mango snack containers. They usually only add water, and perhaps a very small amount of sugar, so its very natural. When it comes to vegetables it seems like a major pain in the a$$. Aside from eating them raw, which I simply cannot tolerate, steaming them is the next best option, but by the time you cut it all up, throw it in the steamer, eat it, wash up etc...for one person, on a regular basis, its just a lot of fuss. Ya I'm lazy, bite me!

    Does anyone have any tips for preparing vegetables that is quick and palatable? I'd prefer something that lent itself to a lot of variety as well.
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    I usually roast vegetables, its one of the healthiest options and they taste delicious roasted. It's not quick though but it's faster than steaming:biggrin:

    Maybe blending the vegetables and making a soup out of it would help?
    You could also try pepper and mushroom skewers, my mom used to make me them when I was little. Just chop up a red ,yellow and green pepper and mushrooms and put them on a skewer and marinate them with whatever you fancy :smile: