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    i found out im extremely low vitamin D. so low that shes putting me on 100,000iu once a week. i was on 50,000 a week but my levels dropped. she has no idea why. and that might be keeping me from absorbing some medications. if thats the true then maybe i can be on lower doses of these harsh medication. seroquel, lithium, lamictol, ambian. maybe have your doctor check yours?
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    Umh I think I will, thx for the advice!
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    I don't know about the rest of the world but apparently in the UK vitamin D deficiency is a major thing, especially for women. If you don't have enough vitamin D, your body can't make use of calcium and some other important things. It can also cause pain, depression, lack of sleep, low immune response and a host of other crap. I take a vitamin D supplement when I remember (I have very low Vit D) and it definitely makes me feel better when I remember to take the supplement every day.

    The UK (not that surprisingly) do not check for this very often at all - so if you feel like shit for no apparent reason it might be a) worth asking your GP and b) take a D vitamin and see if you feel better.

    Thanks @silent_chaos
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