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Vegetarian Advice?


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The reasons I want to go vegetarian are

1. The entire animal cruelty issue
and 2. I figure with all the money and resources America spends on feeding animals to be slaughtered for our consumption, they would be better directed at feeding impovrished places.

You see, I have the motivation, but I've tried to become a vegetarian on 3 different occasions and can never stick to it. I was just wondering if anybody had any tips or recipes they'd like to offer :shelbi:


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Well a lot of times people don't stick to being vegetarian because they can't give a certain kind of dish of some sort. Like chicken dishes, ground beef dishes, etc. What you should do is try and find a decent enough replacement for that meal that you will like just as much. If you like Chicken fried rice for example... Morningstar makes a grilled chicken strip substitute and its great with the Chicken helper Chicken Fried rice. Sometimes it just takes finding vegetarian meals that you really like. And it also helps to slowly cut out meat. Maybe just eat a little less every few days or every week or so until you are used to not eating it. Don't expect to adjust right away.. but if you devote yourself to it you'll find you can definitely ease into being a vegetarian.


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I do not think there is advice, I would say do not deny yourself a craving, I started going veg about 13 years ago, now the only non vegan stuff I eat are some fish, pizza and eggplant parmeasen, I may give them up one day, but for now I can not deny the craving

and as the other poster said, morningstar and boca make good products, sometimes they are expensive, but they have sales and there are alot of coupons you can get, not sure where you live, if you live in a big city there are more options, if you live in a smaller town you might have 1 supermarket but I guarantee they have boca and morningstar products

and there are tons of recipes you can find on the internet, alot of the food you make will probably be better and cheaper then what you can buy, but I am lazy and messed up to do that

and yes it sucks our tax dollars are paying for subsidies for the meat and dairy industry, this is probably one reason why vegan and vegetarian food is more expensive, if anything it should be cheaper


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One problem I had with vegetarianism was my cravings for meat. This might be true for you as well. The reason turned out to be that I was consuming insufficient fat... Make a point of getting enough or you'll crave the best source of it: animal flesh.


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Delusive and wasted are correct
Dont give up all types of meat in one go, start by cutting red meat, then pork, chicken and finaly fish. Do this in stages and you will find that you will naturaly reject red meats and pork because of the strong taste, i hate them now.
I use fine dry soya as mince meat substitute ( adding lots of spices) in lasanha/cottage pies its a wonderfull substitute and when i make some no one can tell the diference. I would also recommend you keep using meat/poultry stock cubes to avoid cravings, oxo, maggi... When you feel strong enough to become a full veggi you will know it. Use lots of dry soya, bulgur wheat, wheat germ, pasta and lots of veggi dishes. Dont forget eggs cheese, olive oil and nuts to complement yournutrition. Cutting out meats is not Problematic if you use some imagination in the kitchen

Once in a while i break my veggi plan and have a chcken/fish dish, I cant resist a nice thai green curry! but i choose a free range poultry and only have meat at most once a month. Try not to make your veggi experiance a torment, relax, be imaginative and determined.

I am sure if you need recipies some of us can send them to you. This forum should have a place dedicated to nutrition. Its a very importante part of our lives and can help mental health.

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