Venlafaxine (again)

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by ~Claire, Jan 13, 2009.

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    The GP has kept my dose of Venlafaxine to 75mg, we tried 225mg but I suffered hallucinations/weird dreams & my pulse got very fast. I'm now waiting for an ecg so my meds have to stay at 75mg.

    All of today & yesterday I have been pleading with them to increase my dose as I am going out of my mind & not coping. They point blank refused as my pulse was still high!

    Anyhow, I'm digressing here. My real question is what is the maximum dosage for depressed people taking Venlafaxine (the extended release one)?

    Last night I took a few before bed & then this morning I took another couple. I felt so good, no hallucinations or weird dreams & no racing heart. In fact it was like I was wrapped up in a big ball of cotton wool & I was loving it, I felt so happy for the first time in ages.

    So I guess I am wondering what the max dose is for Venlafaxine XR? I don't wanna OD on them but I like the warm fuzzy feeling that took over me.
  2. ~Claire

    ~Claire Well-Known Member

    Okayyyy then, my cpn said max dose was 225 for extended release venlafaxine.

    I took quite a bit more than that but I haven't had any ill effects from it, quite the opposite. Anyhow, I told the cpn I was self medicating cos the GP wouldn't increase my dose. She asked if I'd told the GP this & I was like 'eh of course not'.

    She tried to get me to go to GP or even A&E but I told her it wasn't necessary. So now I have to see her Monday instead of 2 weeks away, she is also trying to bring my next psychiatrist appt forward as apparently they will increase my dose even if the GP won't. Who knew lol?

    She then asked if I was going to take the prescribed dose or keep on self medicating. I said if I promised to only take 75 would she leave me alone, she just laughed. I want to keep on taking a higher dose, not as much as I did the other night but enough to keep me happy. My only problem is trying to explain why I need a new prescription only a few days after the last one.

    Hey ho, roll on Monday.
  3. mbis0n

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    I was on 375mg venlafaxine before it was brought down to 300 because my blood pressure was a little high. So yeah.. You can't OD on it, but high doses can raise your BP.
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    Welcome to SF mbis0n.

    You can OD on anything, question is if it would be fatal. Anything over the recommended dose can be viewed as an overdose.
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    Yes, sorry, i meant fatal. All of the antidepressants nowadays are nonlethal in overdose from my understanding
  6. Little_me

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    Antidepressants may be fatal when overdosed, I heard once about a patient that died after taking 3 g of Zoloft... I bet you need to take a lot but it's still dangerous.