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  1. Fishman

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    hmm today I ran into a horrible girl...I guess I could of gotten 'easy sex' out of it..but I wasn't interested and then she got so dam rude. Honestly sometimes I feel like I'm cursed to run into some of the most horrible people alive! I know its not very 'typically' male to not be interested in sex and want a decent relationship with a decent person but oh well.

    All I ever wanted was to find someone nice. :sad:

    Its really sent me down hill, I also accidentally fell asleep earlier so now I guess my sleeping pattern with be hard to fix up.
  2. Sa Palomera

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    Hey Fishman,

    Sorry to hear you ran into such a girl. did she get rude after you showed no interest in sex? :blink:

    I don't really know what to say or which advice I can give, but I will send you virtual hugs :yes: :hug: :arms: