Vent you don't have to read it I just needed to vent.

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    Sooo on Sunday night we rushed our daughter to the hospital because she wouldn't stop screaming about her mouth hurting. We couldn't make her feel better no matter what we did. So the ER dr looks in her mouth says she can't see anything but her throat looks red. So gave us antibiotics. We go to get them filled, the Pharmists tells us the dose is for someone who is 100lbs not 50. So I had to call my family dr, who called the pharmisit who then calls me. We get that all sorted out. But she is still complaining and crying about her mouth so I call our dentist, he won't see us because he won't take disability payments. I have been seeing this guy since I was 9. So I find another dentist, they see us. We get there my daughter has such a bad gag reflex they can't x-ray. So they look she has a SEVERE infection in her gums, and an absess tooth. So they send us to a peds dentist we get there they look and tell me it has to come out TODAY. That she wouldn't have even made it the weekend with out it becoming so bad we would be back in ER.
    So they give her laughing gas, something else and freezing. The infection is so bad they can't freeze well enough so she pretty much screamed when it came out.
    Thank god the dentist and peds dentist fit us in, gave her great care, and thank god for Disiblity coverage other wise I couldn't have afforded this. But what kind of freakn ER dr. Can't see a gum and mouth infection, and then gives the wrond dose for meds. What a friggin week and its not even over yet.
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    People can die from abcess tooth. thank goodness you got it caught. A little GSE with toothpaste keeps infection,bacteria etc from the gums/teeth.
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    I am glad you took such good care of your daughter Doctors in emerg just too busy and do make grave errors sometimes I am glad you kept pushing to get the help she needed thanks to you her pain is gone.
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    ER docs are usually running too fast on too little sleep to be reliable - i know it's hard because of the stress of the situation but you have to be your own advocate in those cases

    in the last several years, our ER department:

    • looked at an x-ray of my wife's ankle and said it was fine when it was actually fractured
    • looked at an x-ray of my back and said it was fine when i actually had a slipped disk
    • tried to give me motrin for pain when my chart and bracelet clearing said that i am allergic
    • didn't take any history for me from my wife (i was unconscious) so my bracelet listed me for the wrong religion and didn't list ANY of my medicine allergies (my wife knows them all)