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Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by IDKwhatIwant, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. IDKwhatIwant

    IDKwhatIwant Well-Known Member

    Ive noticed a lot of women have bad experience with men and normal hold back. a woman who rushes, normally gets used. I can see why women dont ask men out or show their feelings. After a few years the 'he has to prove it' and 'earn' and 'show me' statements have worn me down. women dont seem to care about mens feelings. I find at work, online, and even by phone, most women test the man to see if hes a creep. At first i supported and felt I understood this. Now i do not. If i participate in this, then my feelings are pushed a side. Im no longer a person, Im a participant. If she feels I am a creep, she rejects me... I cant invest in a woman who could just ignore me like that. I dont think its right to have to earn the right to be with her. Im told this is courting, like for animals when mating. Ive noticed a lot of relationships that are considered serious, arent. I think this is why. I think youre starting it out wrong. Youre making yourself a prize, and the only people who are playing, just want the victory of winning. If it was a real relationship, it would be balanced. Im not suggesting to not be cautious. like i said, women who rush, are normally used. sad. But with my experiences, that I think a lot of lonely men experience. The dating cycle normally has a pretty girl, and men attempting to 'get to know her'. I think this, right from the start, is why the relationship will fail.
  2. sammakko

    sammakko Banned Member

    Women have different problems with men. Some women are just annoying and that's it. It is 'wrong' for the men. If you think player woman play with you because she wants to and woman who have very serious problems and goes back and front that is different thing. Case 1. Women wants you dance like she says. Case 2. Women do not know anything, she is confused and do not fake with you. 3. There is women who try understand men if men try understand woman.

    You do not have to date with either 1. or 2. woman, find normal 3. woman who is balance already.

    Unfortunately is it only normal people behavior to test can I trust that human. People test how you take this and that before they can show you real emotions or not. Women gets babies you know, sometimes without wanting, women have to test men does they like it or not.

    What I still wonder is if women demand one thing from men and that is talking and show their emotions why they still do not do that? Why men do not talk with woman? Men talk to their male friends so women have to continue testing forever.

    Why it is so hard for the men say to woman every morning I love you, or even once a week. Men left women alone so they become annoying on relationship.

    Also people without relationship testing their others, can I trust? What I can tell.... It is natural but goes over if people have problems. Guys do it for new friends, women's do it, relatives do it, all do it.

    Do you really talk your feelings? Your feelings are pushed away.. Do you cry front of her? Are you real with your emotions or do you hide them? Do you show them always or only when you think you can not handle anymore?

    I do not know where is men who really show their emotions, I know only men who try take and take and take all and then Bang they explose. Where are all those crybabies who can cry front of woman? It needs more balls than rage, yelling or hitting.

    If you mean sex for prize it is sick wanted it before both trust. And if you want it before you have to take a player woman anyway.
  3. sammakko

    sammakko Banned Member

    Maybe you tell open to next woman why you are interested, what are your intentions and what is part of sex. Maybe that woman does not need to test you all the time then. Show openly what you are, how you deal promblems, what kind of you are when you are mad etc. Talk and show and try if that helps any of it... I think it helps with 2 and 3 but player may still play with you.