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    im sick of hurting and crying, and harming and wishing i werent here at all... im sick of ppl caring sick of teh episodes and not being to talk and of being so alone... im so tired of the dreams...and sick of ppl saying they'll be there and then never their when u desperately need someone...all i want to do is cry and thats not even possible anymore... if i cry everyone will see me and then they will get upset and all i need is more ppl angry with me...all i wanna do is pound my arms as hard as i can, beat the anger out...all i wanna do is cry forever and yet even a forever wouldnt be long enough...when is this ever gonna end:cry: ....i need my mom thats all i need, i kno ppl say she is in a better place and that things will get better but when? 3 years so and im no closer to being ok than i was b4...*y does everything have to die and leave me...y does everything end badly...i want things to be normal again...but no one knows, no one cares enough to find one ever takes the time to see the tears streaming down my face even when i say i am fine, im not...i dunno how much longer i can just so sick of fighting this thing...i just want things to end....

    I wasnt on planning coming back here for awhile but ive needed to talk all night and just been ignored over and over....everyone will be soo happy when im gone :cry2:
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    I am sorry you are suffering so and no you should not hide your tears. You are in pain and if you need to cry then do it if others don't understand then that is their problem Your mom would not want this sadness this pain for you you have to know that. She would want you happy can you do something that will help you remember your mom that will bring yu some happiness. She would not want you to hurt yourself. Coming here is a good coping skill talking to people writing out your pain okay. this is good keep talking okay so the pain can come out we understand i do. I will never stop missing my brother but know he would not want sadness for me either Please stay strong okay keep talking
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    Beleive if you keep it bootled up you will end up like a shook up can of Coke;when it burst it's going to be a lot,messy,and bad