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Venting and Frustrated

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Honestly, I dont know why I am posting this, its just that no one will listen to me. I can't stop fighting with my parents, and everytime we get into an argument they say "Tell me the truth" and when I do, they say "youre lying tell me the truth." and i get punished. So i have to lie to tell the truth. But when they catch me in a lie, they tell me that im such, well the ideas there.
Even at school, people copy off me and say that i copied off them. and when i say the truth, its a lie, when i say a lie its the truth. either way, no one believes me. i dont want to live in lies, its killing me. But how can i if the truths arent good enough?

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I am sorry people are hurting you hun not beileiving you I hope soon you will be able to get out on your own and not have to deal with their abuse hugs to you I hear you hun and i am sorry you are so sad h ugs


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You sound very hurt and angry.. I can't really imagine how it all must feel.. I'm sorry you are having all this crap and bullshit to deal with. :( :hug:
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