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Venting.. (Triggering and offensive)

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If your sensitive dont read this. Most of you that do will probably be offended.

Im fed up with so much shit. I dont even know where to start.
How about therapists? Those cock suckers that sit there in a chair feigning genuine care for a pay check. Sitting around listening to my problems just to turn and give some half hearted half assed bullshit advice? Yeah. Great job ass. How the fuck did you even get into that career? I have seen more insight from a 3 year old with downsyndrone. Thanks for pissing away my life 1 hour at a time and lieing to me through your bullshit words. Thanks for jerking me off pretending to care so you can drive home in your escalade to your million dollar house and bitch about the fuck ups you had to deal with today to your kids.
Or how about those awsome trolls? Its nice when they have backbone to embrase what they are. To have some symbolance of balls and stand up and say what they think. Its so much worse when they do it passivly throwing little comments here and there to avoid breaching the rules but undermining others from getting the help they need and pissing everyone off in the process. I have seen more spine in a jellyfish. And your not even good at it. For someone that seems to have dedicated their life to being an asshole to the extent that you all come onto a suicide forum to get people to kill themselves you sure do suck at it. Does it make you feel better about yourself to look down on people in pain and kick them when your down? To tell them that their some sick fucks that need to die? I wonder exactly how fucked in the head you have to be to get to that point. The point where you try to get people to kill themselves saying that they have problems. You all fail at life in a way I could never hope to achieve if I tried. Next time you want someone to off themselves feel free to take your time and google 'insults' before starting.
Or how about friends? Those people we see and hang out with all the time. The ones that give gestures of kindness to show that they care and nurture a bond until you turn around long enough to find a knife in your back. When I am in this much pain you cant even talk to me? You cant give me a hug when Im so fucked up that I literly carve myself appart and stitch myself back together? Yeah. Your a real friend. After I support you through loosing a kid and being so far gone that you -method- you throw away our friendship for a piece of ass? I shouldent have knocked you out. I should have broken your fucking jaw so the next time you feel like coming up to me and telling me that your sorry and you have 'really strong feelings' you have to mumble the shit through a metal mesh of wires you sick fuck. And as for the ****.. I stand by you and help you get past heroin addiction. Help you through a time when you were so fucking depressed you couldent stand to live and put up with all your bullshit for 7 years just so you can pull this? So you can sit around fucking my best friend and throwing it in my face? So you can bitch at me over petty shit when I risk going to jail and throwing away my future just to put food on the table? Get the fuck out of here. If you ever gave a shit that must have died a long time ago. If it didnt you would make some kind of effort of any kind. When I spell out for you we need to talk through this before I get to a point that its too late and you blow me off? Yeah. Thanks for everything. I hope that you give Tony your Herpies and Hep C you stupid inconsiderate slut.
And lets not forget the parrents. You want to sit around telling me you care just to turn around and do everything you can to undermine my treatment? Fuck you. I lived off of raman nottles for a fucking year so you wouldent loose your house. Great parrenting skills by the way. Running and hideing in your room every time things got bad. Telling me to go to a friends house if I say that I am hungry. What the fuck kind of shit is that? Throw your kid on the street to find food for himself? And lets not forget that boarding school. You knew exactly how fucked up that place was and you still left me there until it got shut down. Maybe when you read online that kids start killing people trying to escape it might be an indicator that the living situation up there isnt quite kosher. But oh no- God will overcome right? Its all in his fucking master plan right? Yeah.. Go fuck yourself.
And you Dad. How the fuck can you sit around saying your not fucked in the head when you decide its a grand idea to try to kill your family? You think the presedent is quoting your letters your writing to the FBI? Get the fuck out of here. Your a grown ass man and you cant even take care of your own shit. But thats ok. Instead of being there for me mail me a shit load of religious paraphanalia. Great idea. That will make it all right. Once again here comes Super Jesus in his fucking cape to save the day. Where is he now?
I just wrote a paragraph for the wonderfull people that come into chat spreading their drama with no intintion of getting better or helping themselves but I deleated it. You can thank me later assholes.
Oh god.. Lets not forget the smiley faces! Oh yeah? You want to off yourself? Well feel better by looking at this obnoxious smiley face hugging another obnoxious smiley face. That makes it all better dosnt it? Nothing quite says 'I give a shit' like a little cartoon face. Why make an effort and use words to express that you give a fuck when you can just throw out a *hug and be done with it? But oh god dont kill yourself. Because I care so much I sent you a cartoon of a face holding a sign! Yeah. Whatever.

That felt great..


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sorry, it's the best i can do when i hurt this much.
but i'll be in chat and willing to listen
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Title says it all.
The first part i understand, the second i don't see the need.
This forum gives support in many forms, be it a smilie, words or just a hug.
ALWAYS there is someone bothering to type behind a keyboard, granted, there will always be bad intentions, real life is no different.
Im sorry you have so much anger and hate inside.
If you like, you can pm me, i can give you real ways of dealing with these terribly self damaging emotions.
Or you can stay angry, one thing is for sure, anger damages only yourself.

I wish you well Craig.
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Im trying to get a grip on my anger. It feels great to just be pissed and lay things out for the people that hurt me but I know they have their issues as well. Im just taking it day by day right now and trying to avoid the feeling that Im a walking time bomb or something.

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Im trying to get a grip on my anger. It feels great to just be pissed and lay things out for the people that hurt me but I know they have their issues as well. Im just taking it day by day right now and trying to avoid the feeling that Im a walking time bomb or something.
The best piece of advice i can give you is people will never ever live upto your expectations. As soon as you get over that then you'll find you will be able to anger more easily because i have the same problem as you. I expect people to act a certain way, i expect people to do things this way ot that way and it took me a very long time to realise that this way of thinking just made me angry and it is very irrational
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