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I have to let this out: I am a bad person, I never help people, ever. I try but I never help no matter how hard I try. I just ruin everyone. I am in so much pain....but I don't matter. I never have, never have mattered to anyone. I am just the fat, ugly, stupid reject that everyone will talk to or screw with my head until they find something better. I hate myself. Everything is ALWAYS my fault. I may try and be good and do good things, but it never matters, because I screw everything up!!

I am so confused, I don't know what's going on besides hating myself....half the time I don't know if I really exist, I feel like some awful nightmare someone had, this shit that's happend and is happening isn't real, it can't be. I don't know....WTF is wrong with me. I am sorry everyone, I am very sorry. I am sorry I never helped.

I should just leave everyone alone, then maybe your lives will improve if I leave. I could fix everything by just leaving everyone alone. and I won't waste time, burden, or hurt anyone. I am sorry.....



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That isnt true Carolyn, it really isnt. Youve helped many, many people on this site. Look at your post count? The overwhelming majority of that are supportive messages to people in this forum. Ive seen a lot of your posts.

You helped me more than you will ever know, by letting me be there for you, and comfort you. Please know this. :)

What about through MSN, Skype etc...its almost impossible to imagine how many people you have helped..

Hun thats bull shit, your not a bad person at all!! you've helped so many people including me! so please stop telling yourself these things because they aint true, not one bit!!


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Caz, what the hell has happened today to put you in this mood?

Now stop with the nonsense and know you're loved and valued :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Sa Palomera

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Carolyn, you have no idea how much you've helped me and how much you've helped the other person on the phone the other day. You've helped so many people on this forum and on Skype and MSN. You really got no idea. And I'm terribly sorry that you feel like this, because you got no reason to. I love ya lots and I am here for you, always. Please stop telling yourself all these lies, you're so much more than you think, Carolyn.

Love ya :arms: :hug:

Noway that my live will be better without you.
You've helped and supported a lot of sf members
You're wonderfull person, we should talk more though
Maybe I can sing for you again :unsure:
Nah that would only make things worse :laugh:
Take care hun :hug: and dont leave us alone :cheekkiss
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