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    I cant stop cutting its stopping me from crying its stopping me from talking

    im over being broken down to the point where it's not enough to cry

    And this is all that's left for me, The end of pain I'll never see

    I am tired of taking pills to make me feel better

    I'm not worthy of breath yet I fear to let it go

    And when the sun goes down, i become broken. i am no one

    Pain And Lie's Cut's And Bruise's So This Is What I've Become Dead Inside

    I watch with blurred vision through eyes that swim in salty tears

    The Scars on My Wrists Tell Painful Stories
    Of Lonely Nights.. Betrayed Trust..

    I say oh I'm fine
    I want someone to look me and say Tell the truth

    I can't stand looking in the mirror
    .....cuz all i see is a failure...

    You ask whats wrong i reply NOTHING;
    I turn around and whisper; EVERYTHING

    Go ahead and ignore me, you've made it clear i'm not worth the time

    As darkness spreads, I crawl under the covers and fall apart

    My life is falling apart before my eyes, but there's nothing i can do to stop it

    i sink a lil further into an isolated world
    everyday it gets harder to get up
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    I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm always here for you.