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Well three weeks ago I told my mom a bout how her boyfriend whose been living with us, that he has been ssexually abusing me, she was really.. i dont know. disgusted about it? Well thats how she looked.
But she kicked him out that same day.
Now shes letting him move back in.. Tomorrow.
And I feel like im going insane.
I hate her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck her, fuck her,fukc her
I hate how much she likes him way more tthan she liks me.
I hate howw she doesnt care about what he did/does to me.
I hate how she didnt care, when i tried to commit suicide..
I wish shee would just care about me for once in her life, and stop actually like a royal bitch all the fucking time:mad:/..


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Oh no... That's terrible.. :hug: Please don't hesitate to call the police and report anything he does to you. It's not OK for predators to pick on you under any circumstances.

P.S. Welcome to SF. :arms:


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