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Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by dyingtolive, May 15, 2008.

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    It becomes a part of me and my mind starts thinking about all the negative stuff that's been cast upon me. I do forgive but most of the time it's hard to forget. All throughout high school I was called ugly, dumb etc.

    My neighbors now want nothing to do with me so they laugh at me and what not. When I get out my car they turn the other way. Yet they are so darn nosey and I'm sick of it. Not to brag but I've been told by most that I'm attractive. I can't take the abuse anymore. That's why I'm planning to move once I get a suitable job.

    My point is that verbal abuse is what leads most people to thoughts of suicide. Telling people they're nothing, worthless, never should have been born. It's all a lie from the Devil. That is what keeps me going, knowing that sly foot is a lie. The Devil sends his little emps to discourage us on a daily basis but it's up to us to win the battles.
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    Why do your neighbours laugh at you? They sound like horrible nosey bastards...
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