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Very afraid

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at least that's what I keep telling myself!
There's plenty of people to talk to here @Casmir people who have been where you have and will get you through this. Hang in there, with help things will get better. Try searching work anxiety on here and I'm sure you'll find lots of posts on things that have worked for other

As for short term assistance another member posted this once, and there were lots of replies saying it helped then so when your anxiety it's see if the below helps calm you down a bit

Breathe along to this. Nice and slow. Breath comes in, breath goes out

It's fromhttp://www.duffthepsych.com/stopanxiety/


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Absolutely. I get a disability (“psychiatric”) pension, which I am SO grateful for. I make some money on the side too, so I’m very fortunate financially.
Yes I have had them at work. In the moment deep breathing helped me as also mentioned by @dtc. I wondered have you talked to your GP about them as meds can sometimes be helpful as I found. Sending you hugs and peaceful thoughts.


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Talk it out. I have pretty intense anxiety for most of my life and it affects me in every path so I do understand how you feel.

What physical symptoms do you get from your anxiety? Beta blockers can help those such as Inderal.


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Was fired from a job over this. (I've since resigned to never be a cashier again. Sooner a janitor.) If you have breakdowns over stress at work it might be time to look into a slightly different profession, if at all feasible.
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