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Very angry


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This has been a really frustrating week. I stay with my great aunt and mother on the days I work. Typically, I will go back to my apartment on my days off but i decided to just stay here. Part of the reason is because I don't really want to do much as it's hot and after the long week I just feel drained emotionally and physically. But i won't be doing that. My mother does these stupid projects where she decides that things need to be moved or thrown away all of a sudden. The room i stay in when i'm here is the one and only place I can feel comfortable. But tomorrow. my cousins will be here to move stuff out and i get to help! That exclamation point was sarcasm by the way.

My mother has this bullshit way of telling me things in that she doesn't and when she finally does it's in this way that is really insulting to my intelligence. I just wanted to relax and I can't. More so, i'm not comfortable having people, relatives or not in my personal space. i know that is selfish, but I don't care. This has been a shit week and i'm not looking forward to tomorrow. I'm sorry for not making sense.


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Sorry that this is happening Sadhart

It's ok, you're making sense.

Is going back to your apartment an option? Do you think that would make things better at all?

I hope things can work out somehow
No, that's not an option. I'm going to help but i am not okay with it. All i wanted was just attempt to relax and now I can't do that.

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it's not selfish at all. After a busy week you have ever right to want some time off. I can also totally understand you don't want other people messing with your stuff. I hope it doesn't turn out to be to stressful but you have right to be annoyed.



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Hi @sadhart - No wonder you are annoyed...I think it would have been nice for you mother to tell you well in advance that your cousins are coming to move things and you are expected to help. I’m sorry it won’t be the relaxing time you had hoped for and planned.

I hope it goes smoothly and quickly. The sooner it is done, the sooner you get to relax.


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You're making sense and you have every right to be annoyed. I would be too. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. What they're doing doesn't seem right.


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So my mother and another relative (she's my cousin and the mother and grandmother of the other two cousins that were gonna be here). My mother and her started going through an old dresser drawer full of stuff, some dating back to the 40's. The biggest issue I had with my mother being in here is that she has a tendency to throw things out that she doesn't deem as important, which would be okay, if not for the fact that some of those things she throws away is important. She has done this in the past. I guess that's why I didn't leave the room while they were doing that. But it was hard because I really wanted to voice myself.

The reason why she wanted my other two cousins here was to help lift the old dresser along with another one out to her new storage house. And that is when it dawned on me to just say for her to leave them in the room and I would just use them. She agreed to this and s I didn't have to deal with my cousins coming in here.

I sent my mother an email last night regarding today and how I did not feel okay with this. I don't think she read it, and while the letter wasn't too strongly worded, I imagine she won't be too thrilled with what I wrote. But I don't really care. She always wants to tell me about my faults, but is never willing to look at hers. Today, even though I was not comfortable with having my personal space taken over like this, I didn't act belligerent or drink over it, because this is something I could see myself doing if I was still in active drinking. I think that was how I remained calm and was able to point out that moving these heavy drawers weren't necessary.

Anyway, I'm sorry for sounding so dramatic.


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I’d say it’s not selfish at all. You’re well within your right to feel exhausted after a shit week and just wanna relax without anyone getting in your personal space. I hate it when this happens when someone thinks they can tell you that all of a sudden something needs to be done right this second. Very frustrating indeed. I hope you get to relax at some point at least :( *hug

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