Very depressed

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If you've had bad news from the doctor, the last thing you need is her telling you this.

Maybe it would help to know that any reasonable person would say that your mom is out of touch with reality.


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It’s complicated. She thought it went well and doesn’t understand things. We aren’t talking right now. Lots of pain tonight


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What kind of surgery are you having? I had open heart surgery when I was 1; throat surgery when I was 3; and a few ear surgeries here and there as well as a heart ablation. I also went to the hospital for pneumonia when I was eight. I also have to take an antibiotic whenever I go to the dentist because the bacteria could get into my heart and kill me if I do not take it. My mother thinks I need help but I don't really, and that irritates me more than any surgery ever could. She doesn't really think things through and doesn't understand reality. Some people live in a made up fantasy world where everything is always flowers and roses but it is not. You could talk to someone behind her back if you wanted to, especially if you are 18 or over. I think the weird people are the ones who think everything is supposed to be happy and care-free all the time and yet they are bullies as well. You could even go to your next door neighbor and ask him to take you to a psychologist/counselor or whoever you want to talk to. Where I live there are cabs that offer cheap cab rides for people who are disabled or unable to drive or who want to save money on gas. Does your county offer anything like that?


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Plylorplasty. Pretty major for gp. I don’t do well with surgery and have ptsd. No it’s not as bad as heart surgery, but I’m terrified. This dx is very severe and serious and life altering. It feels like a life sentence. I have a counselor and psych but it’s not enough support


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I don’t think I can. I’m not strong enough for this

People can delete you from their lives.
People can spit on you with disgust.
People can erase your emotions.


You are not supposed to show them weakness.

You can.
You can and you will.
You will and you would.
You would and you please.

You can do it.


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Have you thought about going to a group for people with similar problems? Or other kinds of therapy, like, doing things you love? One thing I do is writing. You could keep a journal. Once I took a poetry class and although I wasn't writing the same things everyone else was writing, I still liked it.
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