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Very depressed

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by overwhleming, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. overwhleming

    overwhleming Active Member

    I felt like a statue these days.
    My mom told me i was better off dead yesterday. Not that it matter to me. I used to this loneliness, it made me so cut of and yet so harden inside. Every moment i struggle somewhat to make a decision. Im flat running out of energy from myself. I sure is strong able to carry through all these years by myself. But you know life isnt that worth living if you're all alone. Whats the point of it? I know i can survive, but living for myself is boring. Im so bored i dont feel like doing anything. Wake up to same crap everyday for couple years now. I endured shit like no friends at high school, not goin to prom, not to have photos taken in the year book. Im a loser but so what i so freakin jaded i have lost all interest. The world would go up in smoke and i wouldnt give a damn.
    Please, someone who had in the same shoes and moved out of shit hole, give me some advice, tell me your story, i need some motivation from people other than myself, to end this terrible something i've become
  2. dark_thought

    dark_thought Guest

    Same thing here - moving out of my parents house (one year ago) was the best thing I *ever* did. No more nagging. Being lonely is one thing, but being lonely while being pestered/told off by relatives/parents is far worse.

    You can do it.
  3. tothedogs

    tothedogs Member


    it's never too late to change something in your life. You must find that little place in yourself where you have the strength to make things better for yourself. I think people can overcome anything, most things...but if not then learn to live with them. You can find a new situation for yourself, you just have to get the strength to do it...i don't know how you do that except looking inside yourself and saying YES! I will do these things to help myself, not for anyone else and not to please anyone else. Sometimes a lot of the ways that other people see you and relate to you has to do with how you see yourself, so you must start looking at yourself in a more positive light...and when you can't...well you can't. But try to find help for it. there are so many good things in you.


  4. TheBLA

    TheBLA The biggest loser ever to live.

    Yeah, I never had friends in high school, never went to prom, always was and still am alone. Still alone here in college where everyone else is making friends, I hate it, I also want to die right now, I wish I could start my life over or something. Sigh....glad to see that I ain't alone at least.....:sad:
    I also feel completely pathetic and all that shit. All I have is my little brother and even then I can't be around him forever.....
  5. dark_thought

    dark_thought Guest

    If there's only one thing for certain here, it's that you're not alone :smile:
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