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very embarrassing question.

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No use beating around the bush so I will be blunt...I apologize in advance if anyone is grossed out.

I have had diarrhea for the past several days, but the weird thing is I have a feeling of constipation. Its like there’s a massive stool just begging to come out, but can't. Every time I go potty only liquid comes out. The more I eat the worse the feeling of constipation gets. Its like my colon keeps getting more backed up with stools. I'm tempted to take laxatives but am afraid they will make my diarrhea worse. I have been considering going to the doctor, but am far to embarrassed about it. Any suggestions?


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hey claycad,

i have had that problem too.i know it can be embarrasing but it isnt really uncommon.i woulod suggest you definately go to the doctor.are you able3 to keep asny liquids in that you drink? are things coming out reedy looking? if you cant keep any liquids in that can be harmful.also if things that come out are reedy looking or not there at all that can be dangerous and can make you quite ill.im not a doctor or anything but thats just my experience.it really cant hurt to go to the doctor.youre doctor is most likely used to this and can help you to feel better.


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I have been taking in more fluids then I have been putting out I think, so that shouldn't be a problem. Nothing looks reedy, it is pure liquid. So far today I haven't had anymore diarrhea, so hopefully that is over. If I don't have anymore diarrhea by the end of the day I am going to take some milk of magnesia before I go to bed and see if that helps with the constipation. I'm going to give it a few more days before I decide to go to the doctor though.
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