Very good speech on suicide

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  1. Mordeci

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    He is adressing specifically gay teen's suicide, but I think the speech applies to everyone, in any case it is a beautiful speech.

    Here is the article text, the article link has the youtube link:

    A Texas city councilman's emotional speech about growing up gay has become an Internet sensation.

    Joel Burns' heartfelt plea urgin gay teens to resist suicide in the face of constant bullying has garnered more than 900,000 hits on YouTube.

    In his 12-minute speech, Burns, a Fort Worth councilman, invoked the names of teens who recently killed themselves, including Tyler Clementi, an 18-year-old Rutgers freshman who jumped off the George Washington Bridge last month after his roommate outed him online.

    "Give your self a chance to see how much life will get better," Burns said, often fighting back tears and pausing to compose himself.

    Burns, now 40, recounted his own struggles, and talked about an incident in the ninth grade when he was beat up by older boys.

    They "said I was a ****** and I should die and go to hell where I belonged."

    Speaking in a soft Texas twang, he said he wished he could show his 13-year-old self the many wonderful things he has since experienced, including proposing to his husband, his victorious election bid and winning his cowboy father's affection.

    "You will get out of the household that doesn't accept you. You will get out of that high school, and you don't ever have to deal with those jerks again," he said. "Things will get easier ... Please stick around to make those happy memories for yourself," Burns said.

    The councilman joins a growing chorus of openly gay celebrities encouraging gay teens to not give up hope amid their struggles with sexuality.

    "Give yourself a chance," Burns said.

    As he finished, he received a modest standing ovation by those in attendance.

    In addition to Clementi, Burns spoke of several teens who were the targets of anti-gay bullies, including 13-year-old Asher Brown from Houston, who shot himself with his father's handgun.
  2. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    Very emotional clip that was.

    It's so sad to hear about and know that kids kill themselves because of the verbal poison people direct at them. Scary thing is I could class myself as being in their situation. Well not entirely, it's complicated.

    It goes to show that sticking around can bring good things about, well hopefully :unsure:.
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