Very Hurt and Confused

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    Last November, I was a shut-in and was just starting to deal with my psychological issues. During that time I met someone online that expressed romantic interest towards me. I was wary because I've never had a relationship with anyone before. But they slowly got me to believe them and I decided that I would take a chance at a relationship. Time went on and I started getting better and was able to go back to school. I started enjoying life more and being more involved with my family and friends.

    During this time I continued to keep a relationship with the person I met online. They were happy for me and said they would support in any decisions that I made. When it was Winter Break I decided to go back home to see my family. My family doesn't have much money and I can only afford to visit them once a year. I was very excited to see my family and I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. This is when things started going bad between me and the person I was in a relationship in.

    Eventually, things got to the point where they didn't believe in me. But then told me they loved me and wanted to continue to be with me even though while I was trying to figure out why they hurt me. One day, this person suddenly said they wanted to be with someone else but were already with them. My heart is torn to pieces and I feel betrayed, worthless, and used. All the while I'm suffering while this person is happy with someone new. I'm at a loss at what to do anymore..
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    Hi Finch what you do hun is you hold on to your family your new friends and you make a new life for you ok You deserve better then this person It is very hard to get to know a person on line and it is dangerous hun Just know that you have done so well for you getting back to school there you can meet up with people in person and who you grow to trust

    I know it hurts now but in the long run you are better off without this person ok you find someone who will truly love you don't throw away all the good steps you have made for YOU hun Hold on to family and friends that are true to you hugs
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    Hi Finch, I am so sorry to hear your heart has been broken, I am against online relationships personally because it doesn't feel real. If you want to talk my ears are open :)
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    Online relationships take a lot of trust - I prefer to maintain some level of being able to meet up with the person in question if ever there was that hint of potentially more than friendship. From what I could tell - things went bad for your one at the time you went to see your family, which suggests that the person in question wasn't happy about not being the "centre" of your attentions.

    I don't mean to sound like a martyr - but if they got funny because you had others to put attention on and weren't able to be around them - then they weren't likely to be worth it. And I do agree with both total eclipse and *music*. Try not to let the heartbreak affect the progress you made forwards into getting back into a life-groove (so to speak).

    And *music* - isn't it "eyes open" to reading? lol.

    Finch - you can send anyone of us a private message :) we'll do our best with our own perspective knowledge on what you let out to assist in any way which we can.
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    did you tell them you were leaving for a bit to go visit family, people don't like to be ignored, she is probably as hurt as you are.
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    I know this seems hard for you, but you must understand that it is for the best. This person you met online is not the only man in the world, there are many others that you can have wonderful times with.

    If you give up on life and close your mind to the possibilities, you will miss out on some of the best things life has to offer, you are young and have your whole life ahead of you, there are many wonderful things that await you but these things will be unreachable if you worry about people like that.
    Stay positive!