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Very lonely and depressed girl.

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I am feeling this way all the time, but recently I am feeling totally lonely because I have no one with I could share and talk .
And life is really hard.
I am very sensitive person.
And I am despaired , I even wish to die......
I can't take it anymore.
I need someone to take my pain.


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Hey there, welcome to the forums!

Please know how proud I am of you for reaching out here.

If you would like to talk, I can offer you all my compassion. If you would like, you can PM me, or add me on msn or email me at Jessica-castle@hotmail.com

Take care, glad to see you here. <3


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you got to talk about things more - not keep it all in!

Sure - here is a great place - you can kind of 'practice' what you might say when just talking to people you do not know.

Sometimes we have no circle of friends or trust - or people we are with don't understand our illness/condition/phase!

Well - its brave to say you feel lonely - most people pretend so you are brave there.

And clever also - because with this forum being full of people in the same boat as you - its easier to get along with them I guess.

I mean - we all have issues - but so what?

At least we recognise that and are trying to change.

Depression can make you feel lonely - but you got good company here and chat to a few people and relate.

Good luck and welcome.

Hope Germany is doing well.


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Thanks for the support guys.
I really don't have friends or anyone who wants to go out or listen to me.
And I want to share to let it all out but the only person I have is my bf who doesn't like to share what I feel or think.
Yes I can admit that I am lonely and weak , but I don't know how to deal with my weak soul and negative thoughts.
I can't fight on my own, without someone beside me to support me.
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